Join us in Worship

10.30 am – Sung Eucharist
6.30 pm – Evensong (1st Sunday of each month)

7 pm – Holy Communion

We would be delighted if you would come to worship with us, and hope that you will make yourself known to us. Should you have any difficulty in following our order of worship, please feel free to ask a neighbour.

Our regular form of Sunday worship is a communion service – the Eucharist or ‘Thanksgiving’ – for which a modern English form of liturgy is used. This is the 1982 Scottish Liturgy ‘Blue Book’ which you should receive on entering the church. It is our custom to stand to sing, to sit for readings of scripture (except for the Gospel, when we normally stand), and to kneel for prayer. Do sit to pray if you prefer.

All who would receive communion in their own churches are welcome to receive here. Should you wish to receive a blessing instead, please approach the communion rail with the other communicants.

Children are welcome to receive a blessing at the altar during worship, and there is a play space at the back of the church.